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Prize winners for Izu Oshima Tsubaki Matsuri Photo Contest have been decided. Who won the 1st prize this year?


“Izu Oshima Tsubaki Matsuri,” an annual camellia festival held from January to March, hosted Tokyo Metropolitan Governor’s Cup “Tsubaki Matsuri Photo Contest” as usual this year. Lots of great photos were entered, including those from photo sessions of Ms. Oshima and Ms. Tsubaki Queen as well as those of beautiful scenes from the camellia festival. The prize-winning photos have been selected from 140 photos entered. Congratulations to the winners! If you are interested, please join the contest next year!

<Prize Photos>

First prize: “Anko Tsubaki” by Koichi Sakiyama

Second prize: “Dreaming about the isolated island” by Gaku Hibino

Second prize: “Lots of beautiful flowers” by Masataka Ueno

* A list of all the prize photos: