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Ogasawara Islands, oceanic islands accessible only by ship.


©️Ogasawara Village Tourism Bureau

You may want to visit Ogasawara Island, but the only way to get there is by ship. There is an irregular cruise ship service, but it is more common to get there by regular liner “Ogasawara-maru.” There is only one ship, which basically makes a round trip between Takeshiba and Chichijima Island over six days. So, if you are planning a trip to Ogasawara, you need at least six days, so even if you include a weekend into your trip plan, you need to get four weekday holidays. The next chance is July 14 (Sat) to July 19 (Thu). As July 16 is a national holiday, “Marine Day,” you need only three weekday holidays. It is a precious chance you should not miss!

©️Ogasawara Village Tourism Bureau

Ogasawara Village Tourism Bureau