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Niijima Island appearing on TV anime program “ISLAND”!


TV anime program “ISLAND” has been on the air since July 1. The story starts with a young man who claims to be a time traveler, arriving on an isolated island far away from the mainland, called “Urashima.” The man meets three girls and soon starts working on changing the future of the island… The mysterious island “Urashima” models after Niijima Island, Tokyo. This summer, visit Niijima for a “pilgrimage” to the places appearing on the show!

Shown at 22:00 every Sunday on TOKYO MX, at 23:30 every Saturday on Sun TV, at 24:00 every Tuesday on BS Fuji, etc.


Niijima Shikinejima LocationBox.

TEL: 04992-5-1552 (Weekdays, 8:30 – 17:00)

*Depending on the contents of inquiries.