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Autumn’s Big Event, Izu-Oshima Autumn Fair!


Izu-Oshima Autumn Fair will be held from Oct. 1 to Dec. 8.

During the festival, various fun events will be offered, including a surf fishing competition, Mt. Mihara Hill Climbing (bicycle race), Izu-Oshima C-grade Gourmet Championship, and Izu-Oshima Marathon. On the first day (Oct.1), “Tametomo-no-shinji” will be exhibited, in which a person dressed up in armor as the legendary archer Minamoto no Tametomo (a warrior of the 12th century) draws a bow at Tametomo-no-yakata-ato (ruins of Tametomo’s residence).

Festival period: Oct. 1 (Mon) – Dec. 8 (Sat), 2018

Venue: entire Oshima Island

Contact: Oshima Tourism Association


Tel: 04992-2-2177

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