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Hachijojima with flowers, “Okoshi Aloe Park”


Have you seen aloe blossoms? On Hachijojima Island with its warm climate, you can see aloe blossoms here and there from early December to February. Located in the Eigo district at the north side of the island, Okoshi Aloe Park has a cluster of about 300,000 aloe plants. Looking down from the park with its dark-orange aloe blossoms fully blooming, you can see a landscape only experienceable on Hachijojima, with the beautiful ocean, white lighthouse, and Hachijo-kojima island off the coast. 

Address: Okago, Hachijo-machi, Hachijojima

Fee: free

Open hours: free entrance

Contact: Hachijojima Tourism Association

Tel: 04996-2-1377