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Let’s fully enjoy Tsubaki Matsuri at the main venue, Tsubaki Plaza!


“Tsubaki Matsuri” is the biggest spring event of Izu Oshima. Serving as the main venue for the festival, Tokyo Metropolitan Oshima Park has many fun places to see, including a camellia garden, which has been designated as one of the International Camellia Gardens of Excellence by the International Camellia Society, and a zoological park. Among others, the special stage “Tsubaki Plaza” holds various live performances of local entertainment, such as “Oshima minyo folk songs” and “Anko-no-teodori dance” every day. The park is also filled with stalls selling local specialties and souvenirs. During the festival, you can rent an anko costume for free. Take a photo of yourself in a cute anko costume!

Dates: Jan. 27 (Sun)–Mar. 24 (Sun), 2019
Time: 9:00–15:30
Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Oshima Park, special venue


Contact: Oshima Tourism Association
TEL 04992-2-2177 FAX 04992-2-1933