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About one month with no ferry access! The period of regular ferry services suspension


The regular liner “Ogasawara-maru” is the only way to access the Ogasawara Islands. Since ships are required to undergo regular inspection, just like cars, Ogasawara-maru has to be in dock once a year for inspection and maintenance. As there is no alternative passenger ferry, there is no access for about half a month. Without airplane service, nobody, including islanders and visitors, can go off the island. It seems to be a difficult time; however, Ogasawara Kaiun Co., Ltd. is taking advantage of this period to offer “Ogasawara 26-days-and-25-nights-tour” as a project for the 50th anniversary of the foundation. Tickets are currently for sale. You cannot go home for about one whole month, but it is a special trip once a year that allows you to become one of the islanders yourself. Since it is proving popular, the tour will be scheduled again next year for the same period. Would you like to try it?


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