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Yuttari-meguri Onsen Tour


The package designs for “Yuttari-meguri”-brand bath powder will be renewed! From six package designs created by Tokyo Design Academy, the number one will be decided based on your voting result! The voting station will be set up at Shikinejima Kanko Kyokai (Tourist Office), Ikemura Shoten, Inoue Miyageten, Okuyama Shoten, SHINYA, Miyatora, Miyafusa Shoten, and Niijima Isabaya. Your vote will be accepted until February 28, so please vote! Currently, a limited number of packages with six candidate designs are available (500 yen per pack)! Out of six designs, only one design will be used for the package, so the packages with the other five designs won’t be available as a regular product.


Contact: Shikinejima Kanko Kyokai

Tel: 04992-7-0170