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A promotion video for Izu Oshima, “Feel so Izu Oshima” has been completed!


A promotion video for Izu Oshima, “Feel so Izu Oshima,” is now available on YouTube. This great promotion video puts together all the attractive things of Oshima, including Camellia Pavilion, Tsubaki-hana Garden, Oshima Park Zoo, the island’s local gourmet dishes, Senzu and Izumi-hama Beach as great Instagram sites, Mt. Mihara to feel the earth, Stratum Section, Akadare, Ura-Sabaku, Sunset Palm Line, Umi-no-furusato-mura, and Fudeshima Island. Please visit Oshima to see and feel the wonderful nature of the island.


Oshima Town Promotion Video “Feel so Izu Oshima”


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