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Early summer in Toshima Island – Let’s hike up Mount Miyatsuka!


Toshima Island is entirely covered by evergreen Japanese camellias. Mount Miyatsuka has a beautiful conical shape with an elevation of 508 meters, allowing anyone to climb it easily. On a clear day, you can have a panoramic view from Oshima Island to the Izu Peninsula and Mount Fuji from the observatory just below the peak. This quiet mountain with few people coming and going is home to various kinds of flora, including the world’s largest lily called “sakuyuri,” a variety of gold-banded lily, which blossoms out in large flowers during the rainy season. You will also come across wild birds, such as streaked shearwaters which run down a hill or jump off a tree to soar through the sky. Let’s enjoy early-summer climbing on Toshima Island!


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Contact: Toshima Village Office
Tel: 04992-9-0011
*Toshima Island has no guide for mountain-climbing. If you have any questions, please contact the village office.