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See and touch baby turtles at “Nighttime releasing of baby turtles”


Ogasawara Marine Center (aka. Turtle Center) in Chichijima Island, the Ogasawara Islands, holds “nighttime releasing of baby turtles” from July to September. Before releasing, participants can hold baby turtles and take photos with them. See and touch newly born baby turtles and send them off while they wobble back to the ocean!

Period: July to Sept., 2019
Fee: 1,500 yen for junior high school students and over, 500 yen for elementary school students
Venue: Kopepe Beach or Miyanohama Beach


For details, please visit:


Contact: Ogasawara Marine Center
Tel: 04998-2-2830 (8:00-17:00), 090-1461-3171 (after 17:00)