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Limited-time opening of “Milk Gelato House” at Hachijo Fuji Fureai Bokujo


“Milk Gelato House” opens for a limited time at Hachijo Fuji Fureai Bokujo. It will be open every day in August and only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays in September. Hachijojima Jersey Ice Cream and Hachijojima Jersey Pudding available at Milk Gelato House are made with milk from Jersey cattle freely raised in the abundant nature of Hachijojima. Enjoy the delicious ice cream at the mountainside overlooking the islands, while watching the cows on the farm in a spectacular landscape.
Hachijo Fuji Fureai Bokujo Gelato House will be open from July 13 (Sat) to September 23 (Mon), with no days off.
*There may be changes due to bad weather.

Hachijo Fuji Fureai Bokujo Farm


Contact: Hachijojima Tourism Association