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The free open-air bath in Shikinejima gets partially restored, finally!


Onsen hot springs in great quality can be found in Shikinejima. It also has a natural open-air onsen that you can enter for free 24 hours a day, so it has been a popular spot for onsen lovers. It has been closed since the Typhoon No.19 in September, 2019, but now that the reconstruction of part of “Matsugashita Miyabi Yu” has been completed, you can enjoy its waters!
You can enjoy grand nature in “Matsugashita Miyabi Yu,” which has an ocean view, located between natural rocks. The water is at a comfortable temperature regardless of the rise and fall of the tide. You can get near there by car. Other free open-air baths are being restored, too, so visit and enjoy the hot springs in Shikinejima♪


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