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Ancient Greek style open-air hot spring open 24 hours all year round for free!


This solemn building is not an ancient Greek ruin but a hot spring in Niijima, a paradise of Tokyo prefecture. “Yunohama Open-air Hot Spring” in Niijima is an open-air hot spring bath of ancient Greek style architecture that is made of Koga-seki stone, one of the island’s specialties. You can enjoy a beautiful sunset in the evening. Why don’t you thoroughly warm yourself up at Niijima in this cold season?
*We may irregularly draw down the hot water to clean up the bath around 7:00 in the morning.

For details

Inquiry: Niijima Tourist Association
TEL: 04992-5-0001

Industry Tourism Department of Niijimamura Village Office
TEL: 04992-5-0284