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Amazingly so many humpback whales around Hahajima! Whale watching from a fishing boat


Ogasawara is famous for whale watching. The season for humpback whales starts around December and ends around May every year. Especially, many whales can be seen from February to April. There is a whale watching spot nearby Hahajima so it doesn’t take much time to travel. Whale watching tours (6,600 yen per person) will be held in February and March. The tour will start at 15:00 on the day of arrival of Ogasawara-maru boat in port on Chichijima and at 8:30 on the day of its departure. You can read the details of what the whale watching tour was like last year in the journal below. During this period, on the day of Ogasawara-maru’s arrival in port on Chichijima, there will be a commentator on board Hahajima-maru introducing the view from the ship, whales, and seabirds. After the arrival at Hahajima, there will be a humpback whale observing gathering from land (free) from the Samegasaki observatory starting at 16:30. Why don’t you encounter humpback whales at Hahajima this spring?

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