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Bird Island


With its very dense wild bird population, Miyakejima is a place where humans (inhabitants and visitors) can really come close to birds. There are over 250 confirmed species of wild birds on the island and many of them gather near Lake Tairo, the largest freshwater lake in the Tokyo Islands and a bird sanctuary. Close to the lake one can also find Miyakejima Shizen Fureai Center Akakokko-kan (Miyakejima Nature Center Akakokko Hall), where rangers from the Wild Bird Society of Japan are permanently stationed and often give lectures about nature-related subjects not confined to birds. The rangers also contribute to other activities like developing an environment where the village’s designated bird, which is also an endangered species, the Akakokko (endemic thrush) can live safely by creation of more forests, and so on. If traveling in nature and learning more about it is your idea of a fun trip, Miyakejima is certainly worth a visit.

Miyakejima Shizen Fureai Center Akakokko-kan
4188 Tsubota
Open 9:00-16:30 (Closed on Mon)
Admission 200 yen
TEL: 04994-6-0410
FAX: 04994-6-0458