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Tobiuo Plan, a 4,000 yen-discount opportunity for staying on Hachijojima Island

10:00 on May 1 (Tue), 2018 – 9:59 on July 16 (Mon), 2018
Hachijojima Island

When you make a reservation for any of the specified accommodation facilities on Hachijojima Island from Rakuten Travel during the campaign period, you can use a “Tobiuo Plan” coupon to get a 4,000-yen discount. In spring, many tobiuo (flying fish) come around the Izu Islands for spawning, and people in Hachijojima have been affectionately calling the phenomena “haru-tobi (spring flying fish).” The Tobiuo Plan special webpage also shows various accommodation plans, including some where you can enjoy tobiuo dishes. For details, please visit:


*This project is carried out as part of the “Demonstration Program with Exploration of Local Resources” by the Tokyo Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Applicable stay period: check-in on May 7 (Mon), 2018 – check-out on July 17 (Tue), 2018


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2018.06.29 更新


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