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Izu-Oshima Summer Festival 2018, Fireworks Festival

Aug. 11 (Sat), 2018, 21:00 - 21:30 (venue opening 14:30)
Oshima Town / Motomachi Port

Coming back this year, the Izu-Oshima Summer Festival will be held from August 11 to 12. The Nakamachi-dori Street will be filled with street vendors and events. As usual, the fireworks festival will be held on the first day of the festival. Gorgeous fireworks by various different launching techniques decorate the night sky with brilliant colors!


Oshima Town Society of Commerce and Industry

TEL: 04992-2-3791

2018.07.30 Update

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(日本語) 宇喜多秀家鎮魂祭
(日本語) 11月16日(土)・11月17日(日)
(日本語) 八丈島・おじゃれホール、秀家の墓地、住居跡
(日本語) 優婆夷宝明神社例祭
(日本語) 2019年11月9日(土)・10日(日)・13日(水)
(日本語) 八丈島:優婆夷宝明神社
Miyakejima Industry Festival
Nov. 16 (Sat), 2019
Miyakejima:Ako Gymnasium, Folk Museum, Village Office temporary building parking