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Glowing mushrooms Free Observation Tour

Jul. 21 (Sat) - Aug. 31 (Fri), 2018
Hachijo Botanical Garden

Hachijo Botanical Garden holds an annual event called “Glowing Mushrooms Free Observation Tour”! You can see and learn about mysterious glowing mushrooms, such as mycena chlorophos, in the tour with volunteer guides from NPO Hachijojima Recreation Organization, etc. Come join us on this interesting mushroom observation tour!

Hachijo Visitor Center

TEL: 04996-2-4811

2018.08.02 Update

Pick Up Events

Hahajima Festival
starting at 10:00 on May 2 (Sat)
the area around Hahajima Fisheries Cooperative’s Fisheries Product Sales Center
(日本語) 神津えびね展
(日本語) 2019年4月上旬~中旬
(日本語) 神津島:生きがい健康センター
(日本語) 長浜祭り
(日本語) 2020年4月15日(水)
(日本語) 神津島:阿波命神社