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2018 Tokyo Mount Mihara Hill Climb Competition

Application deadline: Oct. 10 (Wed), 2018 Date: Oct. 27 (Sat), 2018
Oshima Gojinka Skyline

Izu-Oshima will hold its Autumn Fair from Oct. 1 to Dec. 8. On Oct. 27, Mount Mihara Hill Climb Competition will take place. At this bicycle competition, each competitor twice cycles up a distance of six km with an elevation gain of 516 m and compete with each other for their best time. Participants are now wanted!

Application deadline: Oct. 10 (Wed), 2018

Event date: Oct. 28 (Sat), 2018

Course: Oshima Gojinka Skyline

Contact: Tokyo Cycling Federation

E mail:


2018.08.20 Update

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The 54th Hachijojima Freesia Festa
Mar. 20 (Fri) - Apr. 5 (Sun), 2020
Hachijojima  Mount Hakkei Freesia Festa Special Site, etc.
Tsubaki-matsuri Festival and Geopark Exhibition
January 26 (Sun) - March 22 (Sun), 2020
Izu Oshima
(日本語) ミス大島・椿の女王コンテスト&撮影会
(日本語) 2020年2月22日(土)
(日本語) 東京都立大島公園特設会場