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Niijima International Glass Art Festival

Oct. 17 (Wed) – 27 (Sat), 2018
Oct. 17 (Wed) – 27 (Sat), 2018

At Niijima Glass Art Center, a facility for the development and education of Niijima glass made with the island’s specialty, “Koga stone,” Niijima International Glass Art Festival is held every year. Workshops, open demonstrations, and lectures by glass artists invited from other countries are offered, to which not only people from all over Japan but also many people from overseas attend. Marking the 31st anniversary this year, this festival is now recognized as an exciting event in the world of glass art. Come and experience the beautiful world of glass art.



Niijima International Glass Art Festival Committee


Tel: 04992-5-1540

2018.09.03 Update

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Tsubaki-matsuri Festival and Geopark Exhibition
January 26 (Sun) - March 22 (Sun), 2020
Izu Oshima
(日本語) ミス大島・椿の女王コンテスト&撮影会
(日本語) 2020年2月22日(土)
(日本語) 東京都立大島公園特設会場
(日本語) 第49回 カメリアマラソン
(日本語) 2020年2月2日(日)
(日本語) 大島町 椿まつり特別コース