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Climbing to watch Japan’s earliest first sunrise of the year and Japan’s earliest beach opening

Jan. 1, 2019
Hahajima Island, Ogasawara Village

Hahajima Island has Japan’s earliest beach opening, which is accompanied by a number of “Japan’s earliest” events, including climbing to watch Japan’s earliest sunrise of the year that starts before the sunrise, the first swim of the year, and the first beating of Ogasawara drums. This new year event also includes a traditional kagami biraki ceremony (cutting a kagamimochi rice cake), release of green sea turtles, Nan-yo odori dance performance, and tasting of rum, providing a great opportunity for tourists and islanders to have fun together. Come join the event and spend the last year-end and new year holidays of the Heisei period on Hahajima Island!

Date: Jan. 1, 2019

Venue: Hahajima Island, Ogasawara Village

Contact: Ogasawara Hahajima Tourist Association

Tel: 04998-3-2300


2018.10.15 Update

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(日本語) 三島神社例祭
(日本語) 2019年11月22日、23日、24日、12月24日、25日
(日本語) 八丈島・樫立地区三島神社、中之郷地区三島神社、末吉地区三島神社
(日本語) 大賀郷 薬師堂例大祭
(日本語) 2019年12月8日(日)
(日本語) 八丈島・薬師堂
Annual Festival of Jusansha-jinja Shrine
December 8 (Sun), 2019
Nijima Jusansha-jinja Shrine