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The opening ceremony of “Tsubaki Matsuri” (camellia festival) (Edo mikoshi and anko parade)

Jan. 27 (Sun), 2019
Oshima (Motomachi)

A big event at Izu Oshima, the “64th Tsubaki Matsuri” (camellia festival), will be held from January 27 to March 24. At the opening ceremony, lively Edo mikoshi portable shrines and the Anko Parade will go around Motomachi. During the festival, there will be various events, including Tsubaki Stamp Rally with prizes, local entertainment and food stalls at Oshima Park Tsubaki Plaza, a Geopark Exhibition at Mount Mihara, hands-on dyeing classes at Motomachi Port, and a Night Festival. Don’t miss it!

The 64th Tsubaki Matsuri (camellia festival)

Period: Jan. 27 (Sun)-Mar. 24 (Sun), 2019

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Contact: Oshima Tourism Association

Tel: 04992-2-2177



2018.12.27 更新


Limited-time event, beautiful flower carpet! Freesia Infiorata and Shima-meshi (island’s local dishes) Festa
April 6 (Sat) and 7 (Sun), 2019
Hachijojima Island
(日本語) 長浜祭り
(日本語) 2019年4月15日(月)
(日本語) 神津島/阿波命神社
Izu Oshima Geopark Marathon 2019
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Izu Oshima