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The 53rd Hachijojima Freesia Festa

Mar. 24(Sun)–Apr. 7(Sun), 2019
Hachigata-yama Freesia Festa special site

Accompanied by the aroma of freesias, spring arrives at Hachijojima. As many as 350,000 flowers colorfully decorate the area at the bottom of Mt. Hachijo-fuji. Various events are on offer during the festival, including free freesia picking, Hachijo-daiko drum performance, kihachijo kimono wearing experience, and freesia cafés serving island desserts. Make a plan to visit Hachijojima this spring!

Dates: Mar. 24(Sun)–Apr. 7(Sun), 2019
Venue: Hachigata-yama Freesia Festa special site
Fee: free for entrance


Contact: Hachijojima Tourism Association
Tel: 04996-2-1377


2019.01.18 更新


Tokyo Island Series 2019, now accepting entry applications from general participants
May 18 (Sat) – July 6 (Sat), 2019
Niijima, Oshima, Shikinejima Islands
(日本語) 天上山トレッキングと神津100観音「舎人の庵屋ハイキング」
(日本語) 2019年3月29日発 2泊3日(船中1泊)
(日本語) 神津島 天上山・舎人の庵屋堂
(日本語) 神津100観音「観音浦トレッキング」と「舎人の庵屋ハイキング」
(日本語) 2019年3月8日発 2泊3日(船中1泊)
(日本語) 神津島 観音浦・舎人の庵屋堂