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Seven Cross Tokyo Surf Masters, Tokyo Tochiji Cup (Tokyo Governor’s Cup)

Jul. 27 (Sat), 2019
Habushiura Shore

Niijima, known as a surfing island, will host the annual “Seven Cross Tokyo Surf Masters, Tokyo Tochiji Cup.” For this competition, more than 100 surfers come to this island from all over Japan to compete with each other. Turquoise blue waves at the Habushiura Shore will be waiting for you! With a number of great spots, including beautiful beaches and photogenic onsen, Niijima is a perfect place to make unforgettable summer memories!

Date: Jul. 27 (Sat), 2019
Venue: Habushiura Shore


For details, please visit:
Seven Cross Tokyo Surf Masters, Tokyo Tochiji Cup


Contact: Niijima Village Industrial Tourism Division



2019.06.20 Update

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The 54th Hachijojima Freesia Festa
Mar. 20 (Fri) - Apr. 5 (Sun), 2020
Hachijojima  Mount Hakkei Freesia Festa Special Site, etc.
Tsubaki-matsuri Festival and Geopark Exhibition
January 26 (Sun) - March 22 (Sun), 2020
Izu Oshima
(日本語) ミス大島・椿の女王コンテスト&撮影会
(日本語) 2020年2月22日(土)
(日本語) 東京都立大島公園特設会場