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Ushi-matsuri Festival

Aug. 10 (Sat), 2019
Open space at the gym

Ushi-matsuri Festival is the biggest annual event of Aogashima Island, a solitary island in the distant ocean which is located at the southernmost part of the Izu Islands and has the smallest population among villages in Japan. Various unique events will be held during the festival, including a wagyu Japanese beef fair, live performance of Aogashima’s traditional Kanji Daiko drums, strength competition by lifting up a 90-kg round rock, and shima-odori dance with all the island residents. There will also be a fireworks festival, where colorful fireworks sparkle with all the colors of the rainbow in the beautiful starry night, which is so beautiful that it is called the “ark of stars.” How about visiting Aogashima this summer?

Date: Aug. 10 (Sat), 2019
Venue: Open space at the gym


Contact: Aogashima Village Office



2019.07.25 Update

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30th Hachijojima Industrial Festival
January 24 (Sat) and 25 (Sun), 2020
Hachijojima Town Hall
(日本語) 乗り初め
(日本語) 令和2年1月2日
(日本語) 神津島・三浦漁港
(日本語) ジックワ火
(日本語) 令和元年12月31日
(日本語) 利島・阿豆佐和気命神社