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Niijima no O-odori (the big dance of Niijima)

14 (Wed)・Aug. 15 (Thu), 2019
Myoren-ji Temple in Wakago, Choei-ji Temple in Honson

“Niijima no O-odori” is a folk performing art which has been handed down for generations in Niijima and designated as a National Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property. Men wearing kasa hats covered with a hanging shade called kaba dance to the a cappella accompaniment of singers. The dance performance takes place at Wakago’s Bon-matsuri festival on August 14 and Choei-ji Temple’s Bon-matsuri festival in Honson on August 15 every year. They use different colors for kaba and dance numbers between Wakago and Honson, passing down the wonderful world of traditional performing art to the present day. Don’t miss these two days where you can witness this precious folk performing art!

Wakago’s Bon-matsuri Festival: Aug. 14 (Wed), 2019 at Myoren-ji Temple in Wakago
Choei-ji Temple’s Bon-matsuri Festival: Aug. 15 (Thu), 2019 at Choei-ji Temple in Honson


Contact: Niijima-mura Museum



2019.07.24 Update

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(日本語) 2020年2月22日(土)
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