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Night Forest Watching – Let’s look for creatures active during night around Akakokko-kan!

Aug. 10 (Sat) and Aug. 17 (Sat)
around Akakokko-kan

Night forest watching is a popular summer event in Miyakejima. You can encounter various creatures different from daytime during the night. When you listen carefully, you can hear the katydid (Hexacentrus japonicus) singing “zuiccho….zuiccho….” and you may also encounter the Neohirasea on the leaves, and perhaps the adult emergence of the cicada!
Would you like to come and take a look into the night forest of Miyakejima?

Date: Aug. 10 (Sat) and Aug. 17 (Sat)
Time: 19:00-21:00
Meeting Place: Akakokko-kan
Participants: Elementary school students or above *Elementary school students need to be accompanied by their parents
Capacity: About 15 people (pre-registration required, up to 2 days in advance)
*Please prepare one flashlight per person.
*Long sleeves and long pants are recommended to prevent from being bitten by mosquitoes. No sandals.
*Entrance fee: 200 yen (junior high school students or below, age 65 or above: Free)


Application / Inquiry: Akakokko-kan



2019.08.06 Update

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(日本語) 式根島クリスマスイベント
(日本語) 2019年12月14日(土)〜12月25日(水)
(日本語) 式根島、式根島観光協会
(日本語) 三島神社例祭
(日本語) 2019年11月22日、23日、24日、12月24日、25日
(日本語) 八丈島・樫立地区三島神社、中之郷地区三島神社、末吉地区三島神社
(日本語) 大賀郷 薬師堂例大祭
(日本語) 2019年12月8日(日)
(日本語) 八丈島・薬師堂