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The 2nd Freediving BlueArch CUP 2019

September 7 (Sat), 2019
Hachijojima Hachijo View Hotel Outdoor Pool, a tide pool at Borawazawa, Sueyoshi

“The 2nd Freediving BlueArch CUP 2019” official freediving competition will be held.
The competition will have two categories of freediving, including Dynamic Apnea with BiFins (DYNB) and Static Apnea (STA).
In the morning, the competition in DYNB, where the aim is to swim as far as possible underwater using two fins, will be held at Hachijo View Hotel. This category will be introduced for the first time in 2019. Then, in the afternoon, the competition in STA, where the aim is to hold your breath as long as possible while floating in the water, will be held at the tide pool in Borawazawa, Sueyoshi. This category of competition is usually held in a pool, and it is the first attempt in Japan to hold STA in the ocean.
Visit the island to watch how a total of 29 competitors from Japan and other countries compete with each other at this competition!

Date: September 7 (Sat), 2019
Venue: Hachijo View Hotel Outdoor Pool, a tide pool at Borawazawa, Sueyoshi (the venue may be changed to Konominato Port if the oceanic condition is unsuitable)

Contact: BlueArch CUP official FB



2019.08.08 Update

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Tsubaki-matsuri Festival and Geopark Exhibition
January 26 (Sun) - March 22 (Sun), 2020
Izu Oshima
(日本語) ミス大島・椿の女王コンテスト&撮影会
(日本語) 2020年2月22日(土)
(日本語) 東京都立大島公園特設会場
(日本語) 第49回 カメリアマラソン
(日本語) 2020年2月2日(日)
(日本語) 大島町 椿まつり特別コース