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Izu Oshima Camellia Festival

January 28 (Sun) – March 25 (Sun), 2018
Oshima, Metropolitan Oshima Park "Camellia Plaza

Izu Oshima’s regular Camellia Festival will be held again this year – this will be the 63rd time. The Metropolitan Oshima Park, main location for the festival, features a camellia garden with 5,000 common camellias and another 3,700 cultivars from 450 different varieties. This is the biggest camellia garden in Japan!

At the main stage of the “Camellia Plaza,” there will be Oshima folk music and dance performances including favorites like “Anko no Te-odori” as well as food stalls that will be set up for the occasion and that will be offering local delicacies. Other events include stamp-collecting to win local products, camellia petal painting, Geopark exhibition and the Motomachi-ko night festival.

Oshima has three internationally acclaimed camellia parks: Oshima Park, Camellia Flower Garden and the park at Metropolitan Oshima High School. Visiting all of them is a must if you love flowers and especially camellias!

Oshima Tourism  Association
Open 8:30-17:00
tel: 04992-2-2177
fax: 04992-2-1933
2018.03.27 Update

Pick Up Events

Hahajima Festival
starting at 10:00 on May 2 (Sat)
the area around Hahajima Fisheries Cooperative’s Fisheries Product Sales Center
(日本語) 神津えびね展
(日本語) 2019年4月上旬~中旬
(日本語) 神津島:生きがい健康センター
(日本語) 長浜祭り
(日本語) 2020年4月15日(水)
(日本語) 神津島:阿波命神社